About Ricky

About this site:

This site was formerly named Top Secret Area but I was never happy with it. It was an obscure reference to the video game Super Mario World (which is nostalgic and meaningful to me) but it had nothing to do with the content on my site. I decided that I’d change it to my name with the tagline “Embody Truth in Love”.

The concept of embodying truth in love means much more than having right doctrine and being nice to people. It means letting God’s truth be the foundation for how you operate in every aspect of your life. It’s not limited to the Chrsitian realm. We are to grow up every way into Christ. This means we are to strive to embody God’s truth in love in our homes, at work, when you eat, when you’re with others, when you’re alone, when you relax, and etc.

You’ll find me discussing anything and everything here. But the unifying theme of all I do and write about is the desire to embody truth in love.

About me:

I’m a husband, critical thinker, theology lover, vegan, appreciator of the arts, and a retro gamer. I enjoy listening to almost all music genres. I don’t like pop or country; video game music, as well as metal/punk music are my favorite music genres (any subgenre of metal or punk you could name…is probably something I dig).

The core of my identity is that I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

I spent the first twentyish years of my life having a surface level understanding of Christianity. You see, I was raised in cultural American Evangelical Christianity. I discuss this in more detail in my writing but the main point is that for the longest time I believed a man-centered version of Christianity. The Bible was ultimately about me rather than God.

Then one day I came across Lutheran Pastor Chris Rosebrough’s Pirate Christian show. This was the changing point in my life. I sat in sermon after sermon at my church but I never thought to actually see if what was being taught was actually taught in Scripture. I never thought critically and I never read my Bible in context.

Rosebrough did a sermon review in each episode and these helped me greatly. He would point out the problems in the man-centered sermons where Pastors would twist Scriptures. He would then encourage listeners to check their Bibles for themselves.

My biggest takeaway was learning about the importance of reading the Bible in context. I learned about the difference between exegesis and eisegesis. I started learning about biblical hermeneutics.

However, even though a Lutheran played an important role in my spiritual life…I didn’t become a Lutheran myself.

I then began to explore reformed theology. This opened a whole new world to me and I began to dig into the deep well that is contained in Scripture.

My eyes are now opened to God’s truth and I have assurance that I’m saved my grace.

I affirm the five Solas and the Doctrines of Grace.

Embody Truth in Love:

The primary focus in every aspect of my life is on embodying God’s truth in love (Ephesians 4:15). I believe that Christians are to grow in knowledge and understanding. We should be discerning and know the difference between sound doctrine and false teaching. We can gain head knowledge and learn doctrine but we’ve missed the point if we aren’t practically seeking Christ and seeking to love those around us or if we live hypocritical lives. We also should be seeking to obey God’s truths and to live our lives full of love and grace like Christ.

Content Warning:

I tell it like it is. The world is full of darkness and light. Sometimes I may simply reflect on the depravity and ugliness that exists in this world. Other times I will give a clear presentation of the gospel and share the hope and peace that is found in Christ alone.

I sometimes use swear words but never to denigrate or demean a person. I don’t use them flippantly and I respect those who don’t agree with my view. If it offends you please just avoid my writing.

You can build someone up with a cuss word. I would argue people cause more harm to others without using cuss words. It’s ultimately a matter of the heart. What are your motives and intentions?

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